Carriage House Decorative Magnetic Garage Door Hardware

Carriage House Magnetic Garage Door Hardware has been introduced into the market as a great add on accessory for steel garage doors. The Carriage House collection includes lightweight, rust-resistant ABS vinyl decorative 12″ handles and 16″ hinges with UV protection that magnetically attach to steel doors with magnets.

This carriage house decorative hardware features rare earth, neodymium magnets for strong and secure attachment to steel garage doors. The magnetic hardware requires minimal measuring and no drilling, allowing for a quick and easy installation.

If you are unsure about purchasing decorative magnetic hardware, you can easily see the transformation by quickly placing the hardware on your garage door. Just like that – you will be able to see what your door looks like with decorative hardware without having to drill holes in the garage door in case you change your mind.

The hardware has passed stringent 2,000 hour color fade and weatherability testing and offers resistance to discoloration or door staining. A 1-year full replacement warranty in the event of manufacturing defects, color fade or premature weathering is available with Castle Rock hardware.

Product Features:

  • 12″ Handles & 16″ Hinges
  • Injection-molded UV Stable ABS Vinyl will not rust, chip, peel, or flake
  • Ultra Strong & Secure Neodymium “Rare-Earth” Magnets Retain 99% of Strength over 10 years
  • No Measuring or Drilling required
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • High UV Protection
  • 2000 Hour Color Fading & Weather Tested
  • 1-Year Full-Replacement Warranty for manufacturing defects, color fade or premature wearing

Carriage House Magnetic Hardware Examples:

Golden Oak Bead Board with magnetic hardware
Long panel bead board garage door with magnetic hardware
Magnetic garage door handles are not flush to the door like other hardware… they simulate real metal hardware
Magnetic garage door handles
Magnetic garage door hinge
Magnetic garage door hinge close up

There are different brands of magnetic garage door hardware available today. We have purchased many types over the years and few have impressed us as much as the offerings from Creative Hardware. They haven’t cut corners on the material or the magnets they use. Their magnetic hardware is rigid with rare-earth magnets vs. the flimsy alternatives that feature weaker magnets that will fail over time. You might find cheaper alternatives but the price will be reflected in the quality of product you receive.

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