Clopay Introduces Modern Ribbed Panel Black Garage Door with Vertical Windows


So the story goes you always need a little black dress in your wardrobe. It goes with everything. It is timeless. Always a classy look. Well now we bring to you the “classy black” back to your garage door.

Clopay Garage Doors has introduced a modern ribbed panel black garage door with vertical windows that exudes contemporary flair. Many homes these days are either being built or remodeled with that ultra modern style. The home’s exterior embraces a clean-line, contemporary style, but the garage door is the standard white or almond traditional short panel door. Now the garage extension becomes a full, complete part of the exterior theme of the home.

warning label on garage door

warning label on garage door

In the past to paint a garage door black or any dark color was not efficient and just asked for trouble. Dark paint on a garage door can cause insulated doors to warp over time if the right type of paint is not used. However, Clopay has introduced a Solar Reflective black paint with special thermal properties that allows homeowners to keep up with this color trend and eclectic look.

A design that adds more of a contemporary flair is vertical windows all on one side of the garage door. The frosted windows still give you light and help break up the solid door while retaining privacy from onlookers outside your home. Your home can now be the “OUU LA LA” of the neighborhood.

Modern Clopay Ribbed Panel Garage Door with Vertical Frosted Windows