Garage Door Repairmen Scam Homeowners in San Antonio


We recently reported in a previous article where the Today show Rossen Reports did a story about garage door repairmen deceiving homeowners when called out to fix simple issues. Well, they are at it again. News4 San Antonio Trouble Shooters catches garage door repairmen trying to take advantage of people who need basic adjustments made to their garage door opener. These stories are becoming all too familiar.

We hear on a weekly basis about garage door companies taking advantage of homeowners by luring them with coupons and free service calls. This is a tactic used to get a "salesman/technician" in your home so they can scare you into making unnecessary repairs. Garage doors are very large moving objects that many homeowners are scared of. These companies will use fear to pressure you into replacing parts that are not broken or selling you warranties that have no merit.

News4 Trouble Shooters Investigates further into the company out of San Diego that is behind most of the scams taking place in San Antonio and around the country. Watching this video is important so homeowners can protect themselves against scams like these.

The silver lining in this story is only 1 out of the 5 companies called in San Antonio actually tried to take advantage of the homeowner. It is good to see most companies in this story did the right thing by only fixing what was broken.

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