Garage Door Replacement Ranks Top 3 in Home Improvement Projects for 2016

Garage door replacement has done it again!

Did you know garage door replacement has ranked at the top in recent years as one of the highest return on investment home improvement projects? It’s no surprise to us because we have seen the dramatic difference upgrading your garage door can have on curb appeal. New carriage house designs and woodgrain finishes have taken garage door replacement to a whole new level.

The garage door can account for 25-50% of the front of your home depending on layout and size. Making a change will not only help with resale, it will also put a smile on your face every time you pull into the driveway.

Upscale and mid-range garage door replacement recoups more than 90% of the project cost when the home is sold according to the 2016 Cost vs Value Report from Remodeling magazine. On top of that, perceived increase in value can be as much as 4% of your home’s value. A $200,000 home would have a perceived increase in value of $8,000. What a great return on investment.

Check out the infographic created by Amarr garage doors. A mid-range garage door replacement project value at $1,500 recoups 91.5% and an upscale project valued at $2,800 recoups 90.1% when a home is sold based on national averages. These are real figures that provide real return on investment in dollars as well as the daily satisfaction of driving home to a beautiful home.

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