Linear LDCO800 vs. Marantec 4500: DC Garage Door Opener Speed Comparison Video

Garage Door Opener speed is important to homeowners. While some like the garage door to open fast so they can time it perfectly as they drive into the garage, others want the garage door to close quickly so they feel more secure as they pull into their garage and the door is closed as they exit their car.

With the introduction of DC motors in garage door openers, open/close speeds have always been different than openers with AC motors. When DC motors were first released in garage door openers, operation speeds were one of the biggest complaints. To remedy this, Genie introduced the Excelerator model that opened the door very quickly.

The problem with this unit is the life expectancy was less than desired and the opening speed was too fast. Eventually it would cause the sections on the garage door to crack in the center due to the door being opened so quickly. It is scary to see a garage door that opens too quickly considering it is the largest moving object in your home.

There is a happy medium when it comes to open/close speeds on your garage door opener and we feel Linear has figured it out with their LDCO800 model. The Linear LDCO800 garage door opener is an energy-efficient 3/4hp DC motor that runs at AC-equivalent speed. The DC drive motor features soft-start and soft-stop for smooth, quiet, long-term reliable performance.

Below is a video we recorded showing the open and close speeds of the Linear LDCO800 opener vs the Marantec 4500. Enjoy!

Is your garage door opener speed important to you?

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