Wood Grain Finish is Available in Non-Insulated Garage Doors

Amarr Garage Doors are now offering Bi-directional wood grain finish on their non-insulated metal garage door lineup. Pair this with decorative magnet garage door hardware and you can have a gorgeous look in any budget. Previously, you would have to buy the most expensive garage door being the steel back insulated model in order to get the look you were seeking. This makes the wood grain finish available to homeowners with lower remodel budgets.

Wood grain colors and finishes on metal garage doors are becoming more popular due to the realistic pattern's manufacturers have been able to accomplish in recent years. Earlier versions were single direction, meaning the wood grain pattern ran in one direction along the garage door.

Today, bi-directional patterns are available which offer an extremely realistic wood grain texture and look that sometimes is hard to discern from the real thing at a distance. The advantage is you get lower maintenance found on a steel garage door and the beauty of wood.

We have had this request from customers on several occasions who were seeking the look of wood but didn't need an insulated garage door. We are excited to start offering this as an option and feel it will be well received by homeowners.