Keeping Your Garage Door Opener Light Cover Free of Debris Could Prevent a Fire

While out on a service call, we recently came across an issue that could pose a real threat to any home. We were servicing a customer’s home that had two garage doors, one smaller door and one larger door. The smaller garage door wasn’t used much so they didn’t pay attention to it.

After we had finished repairing the larger door, the homeowner wanted new garage door remotes so we proceeded to program remotes to both garage doors. After running the small door we started to smell something burning. Since we were on a ranch, I assumed tree brush was being burned somewhere on the property.

As we continued to oil the garage doors, the smell became more prominent. I looked up at the garage door opener on the small door and there was smoke coming from the opener light cover. As we looked closer, a bird had built a nest inside the light cover and the light bulb was starting to ignite the bird’s nest.

We quickly grabbed our quarter inch nut driver and removed the light cover, disposing of the charred birds nest. Who knows what could have happened if this problem had not been caught in time. The customer informed me that they seldom close the big garage door because they are in and out so much. This explains how the birds had enough time to build a nest.

If you start to see build up in your garage door opener light cover, clean it immediately. A light bulb can get hot enough to ignite a dry birds nest. Keeping the cover clean will also provide the best light output, which is important for safety. If you have this issue, try using an LED garage door bulb that won’t get so hot.

After searching the Internet we found two other websites talking about the very same issue. The link can be found here.

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