Noisy Garage Door? Replace Your Rollers Before They Fail… Before/After Video

A company got a phone call from a customer that said their garage door was extremely noisy due to bad rollers. Sure enough when they arrived, they found garage door rollers that were at the end of their life cycle… some of the worst they had heard and they were in a fairly new home. The bearings in the rollers had collapsed, causing the rollers to sound awful. Luckily, there is a fix for this problem.

Worn out garage door rollers can cause more problems than loud obnoxious noise. We have seen garage doors come off track due to rollers that should have been replaced months if not years prior. Poorly operating rollers can also cause opener parts to wear out prematurely and force/sensitivity levels might need to be increased to higher levels than recommended in order to get the opener to open and close the door.

Below is a video of a noisy garage door before & after the new rollers were installed. Turn up the volume so you can hear the difference. Enjoy!

Worn out garage door rollers are usually the cause of a noisy garage door. This video demonstrates the before and after noise level of a garage door that had worn out rollers replaced with new 10 ball bearing nylon garage door rollers. The opener used in the video is a LiftMaster belt drive with a traditional AC motor.

New garage door rollers will make a huge improvement on how you’re door operates. The DURA-LIFT Ultra-Life Nylon Garage Door Rollers featured below offer an ultra quiet, zero maintenance design with sealed ball bearings. This eliminates maintenance and guarantees performance for the life of the roller. A standard 7ft high metal garage door will have 10 rollers while some older 7ft wood doors might have 12 garage door rollers.

Check out our blog post on the Different Types of Garage Door Rollers for more information on this common repair.

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